The Champagne Class

Welcome – Bienvenue!

Something that the French do especially well is to appreciate the art of living. Their joie de vivre is inspiring!

Welcome to The Champagne Class, a website dedicated to offering you “une minute” for yourself and a little time to enjoy something truly beautiful.

Champagne is one of my heart’s passions; it is the world’s ultimate sparkling wine produced through a labour of love and care, and it has become a world-renowned symbol for celebrating and highlighting love, luxury and living a good life.

Dom Perignon believed he had captured the stars when he discovered making bubbles – each time I hear the pop of a cork it is the sound of joy! It is time for fun, for pleasure and for sharing (unless of course you have uncorked a truly great vintage from a great house, then I fully understand the temptation to be selfish!)

The Champagne Class came about after many travels to France and Champagne, many celebratory times with friends and loved ones and many dinners matched to fine champagnes, so this site is devoted to celebrating and showcasing the philosophy that underpins the love, care and joie de vivre that creates this glorious, effervescent wine!

I’ve included tasting notes for you that are simply opinions gathered from experts, wine writers and novices, so please take or leave them to your taste. There are tips for drinking, food matching and collecting champagne; and some limited opportunities to travel with me from your armchair or in person, to my most favourite, historic and welcoming part of France – Champagne!