About Rebecca

Many travels throughout Europe since the early 1990s have taught Rebecca l’art de plaisir – the art of pleasure, and the French Champagne region is one of the best known locations dedicated to this art. The towns, valleys and mountains of Champagne offer many glorious opportunities for enjoying superbly handcrafted champagnes, sightseeing, touring, reliving centuries of history, gastronomic indulgence, shopping and relaxing at the beautifully appointed local accommodation options, from rustic B&Bs to elegant chateaux.

Rebecca grew up in Australia and learned French throughout school. She began traveling the world at least once a year and working abroad from the age of 17. She has university qualifications in journalism and business management and her time working with media and universities took her travelling many times to Europe, especially to France, where she felt at home in both the glamorous cities and the charming provincial towns.

On Rebecca’s very first visit to Champagne she was ushered into a private tour of the revered Louis Roederer maison, an invitation-only treat – and so the affair began! In France, enjoying champagne is appropriate at any time and for any occasion, and is a way of life. After learning about the fascinating histories of each house and each champagne maker’s dedication to quality and excellence, Rebecca became a dedicated lover and collector of fine champagnes. A “disciple” of Australia’s only recognized female champagne expert, Bernadette O’Shea, Rebecca has travelled with Bernadette several times to Champagne and enjoyed tastings with many of the chefs des caves and heads of major houses to refine her palate and knowledge of champagne over the past several years. Rebecca’s simple aim is to widen Australian wine lovers’ appreciation of France’s fine champagnes, sharing her own passion for studying bubbles!

This website is about the philosophy of living a sparkling life and making everyday a celebration. There is a champagne of every style to suit your taste, your mood and your moment! We invite you to savour the joy of champagne with us – salut!

The Champagne region.


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