Edmond de Ayala (1831-1902), was invited to Champagne by the Viscount of Mareuil to learn the business of the winery, where he fell in love with the Viscount’s niece Miss Gabrielle d’Albrecht. After their courtship the two were to marry in 1860 and the dowry for their wedding was the magnificent Château of Aÿ, as well as some very prime vineyards located in Aÿ and Mareuil sur Aÿ.

The house of Ayala developed rapidly and in 1882 it was one of the 18 founder members of the Syndicate of the Grandes Marques. Before the 2nd world war, Ayala was the supplier for the courts of Great Britain and Spain. In 2005 Ayala was purchased by Société Jacques Bollinger and is still owned today by the Bollinger family.

The Ayala philosophy is to produce wines which can be appreciated by “nature, or without any added sugar. The house produces a Brut Nature developed from the very best blended grapes followed by a long ageing in the cellars. After disgorgement their wines rest for at least 3 more months before they are released.

Ayala’s labels include:

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