Henri Abele

Established by Théodore Van der Veken in 1757, Maison Henri Abelé is the third oldest established champagne house. This prestigious firm has innovated throughout its 250-year history, which is intimately linked with that of the Champagne region.

Maison Henri Abelé was one of the early pioneers in producing and distributing champagne and one of the first merchants to resume business in the Reims after the war. A patron of both the industry and the ancient city of Reims, Maison Henri Abele has been closely involved in renovations of the famous Reims Cathedral as well as other regional restoration projects.

One beloved project saw the restoration of one of the cathedral’s most beautiful sculptures, L’Ange au Sourire (the Smiling Angel) or, alternatively, le Sourire de Reims (the Smile of Reims).Damaged during a fire in 1914, this beautiful sculpture epitomises all the grace and tenderness of the French soul and came to symbolise the city of Reims and its renaissance. The famous icon was reconstructed with help from Maison Abelé and became the house’s emblem in 1918.

The smiling angel appears on each bottle, embodying the Henri Abelé spirit of aspiring to perfection and ensuring that the house’s traditional expertise lives on.

Over many years the house actively marketed its wines in France and was an official court supplier to royalty in Spain, Germany, and Belgium.

Henri Abelé also made a significant contribution to improving the champagne making method by inventing and perfecting the riddling rack. He was also the first to disgorge the wines by freezing the neck of the bottle, which is still done today.

Henri Abele produces dry, vintage and grandes cuvees.  The dry white brut and brut rose is developed and matured for a minimum of three years. Vintage champagnes are only made from exceptional years of grape growing and are left to mature for more than six years.

The house’s prestige Grandes Cuvees include “The Smile of Reims” white and rosé vintages.

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