A younger house, Jacquart has been passionately developing their craft since 1964. They were thirty or so in number in the beginning, brought together by the pairing formed by Maurice Bonet, who was quite naturally to become President, and Director Joseph Fresne. They had the Jacquart name protected and registered the emblem of Renown on Pegasus as the symbol of the brand’s dynamism.

Thanks to the talent and perseverance of their successors, Champagne Jacquart has taken its place among the top ten international brands in less than half a century. A style specific to the Jacquart Cellar Masters From vintage to vintage, the Cellar Masters have succeeded each other, imposing and perpetuating the Jacquart style. They all share the same pride in taking part in this singular adventure, that of a fast-rising brand. At the end of the 1960s and then in the 70s, the Jacquart style took shape under the guiding hands of Michel Sohet then Jacques Peters. In 1979, it was Régis Camus who took over and made his mark on the quality of Jacquart Champagne. Today, Floriane Eznack

Since the day it was founded, Champagne Jacquart has boasted sophisticated wine making equipment and research facilities, and it continues to develop itself, keeping up with cutting-edge techniques insofar as they can serve to reveal all the excellence and diversity of the terroirs cultivated by their growers. The meticulous gestures of their craftsmen of the vine are followed by the latest technology in the winery, guided by scientific progress and the greatest respect for the sensorial expression of their wines.

The ageing period is exceptionally long at Jacquart to bring out the very best in the wines: 3 years for the Cuvée Brut Mosaïque, between 5 and 6 years for the vintage wines and their prestige Cuvée Alpha.

Jacquart Wines Include:

  • Jacquart Brut Mosaique (Tasting Notes)
  • Jacquart Extra Brut Mosaique
  • Jacquart Rose Mosaique

If you would like to find out more about Jacquart, please visit their Jacquart website.