Paul Déthune

Learning to walk in the vineyards alongside his father Paul, Pierre Déthune comes from a long line vintners that goes back to 1610. Pierre is the current vintner and visionary of this house and oversees their production of seven champagnes that are 100% Grand Cru.

Committed to respecting their environment, the house uses sustainable viticulture methods to work their vines. The many sustainable practices utilised within the vineyards has led to the house being granted the highest level of High Environmental Value (HEV) certification.

Over the years, Pierre and Sophie Déthune have purchased equipment that combines tradition and technology in order to improve the quality of their champagnes, including purchasing barrels each year from the Tonnellerie de Champagne and ageing them himself to create new aromatic complexities.

The Déthune champagnes are characteristically fresh, complex and ideal for aperitifs or food pairing.

Wines produced by Paul Déthune include: