For almost 500 years, the Philipponnat family has left its mark on the soil of the Champagne region. Apvril le Philipponnat owned vines at Le Leon, between Ay and Dizy, since 1522. During the 16th century the family’s ancestors were winegrowers and merchants, suppliers to the court of Louis XIV, magistrates and Royal Mayors of Ay.

Established in the heary of the Champagne wine-growing area, Philipponnat possesses a unique heritage. It’s magnificent, historic 18th century cellars were part of the Chateau de Mareuil. Philipponnat has owned an exceptional walled vineyard, unparalleled in the area, for nearly a century: Clos des Gouisses. The name of this 5.5 hectare ploy with a 45 degree incline reflects its nature with the name meaning a very steep slope and are classified Premier and Grand Cru.

Working to preserve the century old terroirs, they use natural methods to work the soil, hoeing by hand and ploughing with horses. The house has found the best possible way to renew its traditions while perpetuating the best they have to offer. Emphasis is put on conservation and meeting challenges to unceasingly improve the quality of their wines. The house uses a long standing House tradition process called the solera process. It consists of keeping reserve wines in oak barrels and including them in non-vintage blends and using this blend as a reserve wine for the following blend, progressively allowing each bottle to retain a trace of previous years’ wines blended since the very beginning.

Flavourful, powerful and well balanced, their aromatic intensity provides a common trhead and freshness, while minerality gives them their structure.

Philipponnat wines include:

  • Royale Reserve
  • The Vintage Cuvees
  • Cuvee 1522
  • Clos des Goisses
  • The Single-Plot Cuvees

For more information and tasting notes, please visit the Philipponnat website.