Tasting Notes – Jacquart

Jacquart Brut Mosaique


A non-vintage blend from a mosaic of villages, grape varietals and vintages with a tapestry of aromas and flavours. Jacquart chooses from several villages and terroirs all from throughout the Cote des  Blancs and the famed mountains around Reims, renowned for their viticultural expertise and Chardonnay grapes.

This wine uses chardonnay (35% to 45%) balanced with pinot noir (30% to 35%) and pinot meunièr (25% to 35%). The expert winemaker Floriane Eznack also uses 25% of reserve wines in this blend and the wine is aged on lees for 3 to 4 years – resulting in a fresh, finely complex wine.

The first mouthful is chalky, flinty and mineral and light on the nose. After time in the glass I get hints of honey and nougat on the palate and a faint nose of cream and white jasmine. It ends a little acidic by the last glass.